Two musicians and four sounds: viola, cello and two voices. With Dragonfly Danusa Waskievitz and Naomi Berrill move the audience to a sonority they have never heard before, from traditional, Renaissance and Baroque music to the 20th century of Britten and Bartok.

Two instruments, Viola and Cello. Two voices, female.

Four distinct sounds, yet the musicians remain, all the time, just two.

This is the distinctive character of Dragonfly, a project that brings together two musicians with different and very strong identities, Danusa Waskievitz, one of the most important violists in Europe, already principal viola of the Berliner Philarmoniker and pupil of Claudio Abbado, and Naomi Berrill, Irish cellist, poly instrumentalist and composer who is rapidly making a name for herself on the European scene straddling traditional music, jazz and classical music.

The music in Dragonfly is rethought and rearranged so that Bach’s Goldberg Variations or the Songs of Dowland and Britten acquire a new sonic consistency and Purcell’s 17th century can naturally resonate with Bartok’s 20th century.

Dragonfly is an atlas where cultured and popular music overturn the expectations of the listener. “The result is a magnetic and dreamy performance, full of intensity and passion,” promise the two soloists, who have chosen the figure of the Dragonfly to represent the unbearable lightness of music.

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