Marta Argerich & Re Encuentros

Martha Argerich, one of the greatest living musicians, in what is, perhaps, her favorite concert  formula: having friends, musicians, playing with her around the piano, in a project that celebrates and enhances the concept of ‘chamber music’.

Martha Argerich, considered by many as the greatest living pianist, in the formula that is perhaps dearest to her: the encounter between friends, musicians, around her piano, which for 15 years has made the Lugano ‘Argerich Project’ famous. And it’s from Lugano indeed that the Ensemble ReEncuentros arrives: a group of musicians of various origins (Argentina, Armenia, Turkey, Kazakhstan…) and linked to the Lady of the Piano by long-standing artistic partnerships, for a varied project under the banner of “let’s enjoy making music together”. Almost as a consequence, the programme is very heterogeneous, unpredictable, from Beethoven to Piazzolla, through Schumann’s delightful “Studies in the form of a canon” and the transcription of two classics: de Falla (the “Canciones populares”) and Debussy (“Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune”). In the alternation of instrumental formations, piece after piece, the presence/absence of the famous pianist is decisive for the overall outcome, imposing a kinetic energy that is difficult to resist, for colleagues no less than for the audience.

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Paintings by Elisabetta De Bernardis

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