A high score (five stars) in all categories from WDR 3. Layla Ramezan reveals the different colours with the strongest presence! This language is new, it is honest and authentic!

– WDR 3 Kulturradio – Babette Michel


The most beautiful moments almost arise when the sound of piano and percussion are in common and increase a wonderful blend of the sounds of two cultures.

– O-Ton – Michael Zerban


A beautiful journey!

RTS1 ‘Vertigine’ – Florence Grivel


A discovery, a beautiful revelation!

Revue Musicale Suisse – Antonin Scherrer


​​The complex psychological figure of the sovereign Shahriyār, protagonist of an authentic jewel of the oriental culture, the ‘Thousand and One Nights’, has inspired Layla Ramezan and Vincent Zanetti in this project that, combining music and words, alternates Layla Ramezan’s interpretation of Iranian piano music, and Vincent Zanetti’s improvisations on the Zarb and Santur, with the reading of passages from the famous tale. The fascination of oriental percussions, with its arcane resonances and evocative timbres, is matched by the well-known ‘colour’ of the piano and the sometimes unexpected improvisations on Persian musical modes such as Mahoor, Ispahan or Chargah link the chosen works, coming from different horizons, as in a sort of ideal and fascinating journey into ‘other’ latitudes and cultures, singularly twinned with authors of the Western cultured tradition. East and West, in fact, have for centuries weaved a common music in an unknown chapter of musical history, which lies between the classical European repertoire and that of the four corners of the Middle East. The ethnic motifs of Persia mingle with the different European sounds, creating an atmosphere of great expressive intensity. A nocturnal ascent, a mystical quest, a daydream. 

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