Trio Quirós 

Francesca Adamo Sollima (Soprano)

Mauro Schembri (Mandolino e Mandola)

Fernando Mangifesta (Fisarmonica e Bandoneón).


An unusual ensemble, in which the dialogue between two instruments as different as the mandolin and bandoneon makes them complementary in supporting the voice in a journey through the music of Piazzolla, Gershwin, Ramirez, Hahn and Weil, discovering America.


The Trio Quirós was born in 2018 through the friendship of the three young musicians and their curiosity and desire to explore new sounds and different rhythmic and expressive possibilities. The proposed repertoire, in which the voice moves fluidly between the sounds of mandolin and bandoneon, adapting to different styles and languages, ranges with ease within the great American music, from the jazz of Gershwin to the musical of Leonard Bernstein, to the Argentine music of Piazzolla and Ramirez, embracing the twentieth century of Kurt Weill.

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Paintings by Elisabetta De Bernardis

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